Web-Design Mistakes

Website design has made some amazing progress. In any case, these mistakes remain. Present day design and style change, but website visitor needs are the same as before. How many of these mistakes is your website making?

Wrong Locations for Content

Website visitors can’t utilize information from content that they can’t discover. Many websites have poor categories names that do not precisely show the content inside the website.

What to do to prevent this mistake: Order should be seen on your page. Put your content in different categories for easy access.

Here is an example from Fuelled – the business loans site, see below screenshot.


Scattered Information

Some websites have all their small bits of information scattered around their websites, with little or no connection between them. Website visitors end up accessing incorrect information and content.

What to do to prevent this mistake: Make sure to put your content in an organized category section, give your website a sense of direction.

Here is another example from Fuelled – business funding in NZ website, see below screenshot.


Overwhelming Users with Information

Ineffectively sorted out content leaves visitors struggling to discover what they want on your website.  Heavily put together contents can lead to poor browsing experience. Overloaded pages are loaded with items/widgets that are unnecessary.

What to do to prevent this mistake: Overcrowding is bad. Consider only putting important content on your page.

Here is another screenshot from Fuelled – business loan site for your reference.


Hope these can be an eye-opener for all Website Designers out there. Remember that in designing a website, you should always look at things thru your visitors’ perspective.

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